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Transitioning Off "The Pill"

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Transitioning back to wild cycles from the pill or other pharmaceutical birth control. What does it look like?

Many women start using FAM (the Fertility Awareness Method) to prevent pregnancy after years of being on the pill or an IUD.

The transition to Fertility Awareness and back to your own wild cycle may have some challenges, especially if you were on a hormonal form of contraception previously.

It can take months or even years for your body to detox from the artificial hormones and resume cycling normally. However, most women do find that they resume a somewhat normal cycle within a few months.

But how to prevent pregnancy in the interim? Here are a few recommendations to help you in the meantime. You can also watch the webinar I hosted with my friend Sierra on this very topic here.

Tips for preventing pregnancy when getting off the pill:

  • Realize that it may take time for your cycle to resume, and don’t judge your body. Each of us is different in how we respond to chemicals in our body and that’s okay!

  • Know that any day you have fertile cervical fluid is a potentially fertile day. Don’t assume that you’ve already ovulated and can’t get pregnant if you’ve seen fertile fluid already in your current cycle. Your body may take a bit longer to actually achieve ovulation as it regulates and you may see multiple fertile-looking windows.

  • Use herbs for backup contraception (Queen Anne’s Lace, mugwort, etc. - see my earlier post for details)

It is totally possible to prevent pregnancy without being on pharmaceutical contraceptives!



Do you have questions about transitioning off the pill? Email me at

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