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Get ready for Maidenfire 2025!

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Maidenfire: A Women + Girls' Festival

Glen Rose, Texas
2025 dates coming soon!

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Are you ready to connect with your wild woman sisters?


Join us in 2025 the third annual Maidenfire Festival at a gorgeous working farm in North Central Texas.

Magic happens in women-only spaces.

The walls come down, the masks come off, and you are truly seen, held, and loved as you are.


Especially when you’re with women who share your passions and values.


Women who...

Crave deep connection with nature and the sacred seasons.


Want to honor the magic of the menstrual cycle and the blood mysteries.


Raise wild and free children outside of the system.


Question fear-based, medicalized narratives and stand confidently in the truth.


Women like you.


This special spring festival is for women of all ages. 


Maidens, mothers, crones.


Throughout the festival we'll have...

Song circles


Wise Woman Workshops

Sound Healing

Gong Meditation

Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Rituals to honor women's rites of passage, including a menarche ceremony, a mother blessing, and a crone's crowning

Girls' Circles & Activities


Hikes to Identify Wild Edible Plants


Tai Chi

And more! (Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates)

Join as many activities as you like or just stretch out and bask in the beauty of spring in the North Texas wilderness.

No matter what, you'll come away transformed and ready to be the wise woman leader in your own community.

You’ll be so nourished, supported, and inspired that you’ll have no choice but to share your passions with the world when you get home!


Simply by being together, we co-regulate our nervous systems and create magic.


By stepping away from the world for a moment, we build resilience to carry home with us.

Festival Cost

**2025 dates coming soon**

See diagrams below for ticket prices. Sign up early to reserve your spot at the lowest price!

We have both full 5-day pass and weekend pass (Friday to Sunday) options available. 

Regular price tickets for adult women are $499 for the full 5 days and $249 for the weekend pass. 

Regular tickets are available until March 28, 2024 and late to the party tickets are available until April 4th.

mff pricing updated early bird.png
mff pricing regular.png
mff pricing late to the party.png

Details & FAQ

What will the accommodations be like?

The festival will take place on a beautiful regenerative farm. We will be camping in a secluded area with several buildings where we'll have workshops, circles, and ceremonies. There's a pool and plenty of space to play and relax in the sunshine.

What about food?

**2025 Meal Info TBA**


You have the option of bringing and cooking your own food or purchasing a meal pass.

If you purchase the meal pass you will enjoy nutrient-dense, ayurvedic-inspired meals prepared for you by wonderfully skilled women chefs. If you have strict dietary restrictions or allergies, we recommend bringing your own food. We can accommodate vegetarians and those with gluten sensitivities but, as our chefs cook with ghee, those following a strict plant-based diet or with dairy allergies may want to bring their own food.


If you choose to bring and cook your own food, be sure to bring coolers. We will have ice for sale at the festival location. Be sure to purchase a meal pass for each woman/girl who will be eating full meals. Very young children are welcome to share one meal pass with each other or their mothers if they cannot eat a full portion, or we have a child meal pass option for children age 3-8. We do also have a 2-day meal pass option for both adult women and kids. 

Meal Pass Cost: $205 (Adult); $90 (Child, age 3-8)

2-Day Meal Pass Cost: $110 (Adult); $45 (Child, age 3-8)

What should I bring?

Check out our packing list here!

Want to be a vendor?

Do you make candles or drums? Are you a body worker? We would love to have you! Maidenfire now has space available for vendors and healers! Please click here to apply! Deadline to apply: March, 2024.

What is a menarche ceremony?


A menarche ceremony is a way of honoring girls who have just gone through the rite of passage that is their first menstrual bleed. The exact contents of the ceremony will be a surprise, but here is a teaser. Picture this: women, old and young, gathered around you, encouraging you, giving you gifts, telling you inspiring stories, listening to your thoughts and fears. What kind of person would you be if you had experienced this kind of ritual as a young woman?

What is a Mother Blessing?

A Mother Blessing is a time to honor a woman before she gives birth. While many women have baby showers, which are, as the name suggests, focused mostly on the baby, a mother blessing honors the transition a woman goes through during the rite of passage that is childbirth. We share positive birth stories, sing to the pregnant women, massage them, paint their bellies, and hear their dream visions for their upcoming births. We also hold space for any fears that come up for them, knowing that this is normal. However, a Mother Blessing is not the space for other women to unpack traumatic birth stories or share stories intended to scare or bring a woman down; this is the time for uplifting her. We will make sure the women present feel loved and taken care of so that she knows that she can give birth in her power. 

What is a Crone's Crowning?

A Crone's Crowning honors a woman who has passed through the portal of menopause and is recognized as a carrier of wisdom and experience. We acknowledge each crone woman's beauty, power, and contributions to the world through this special ceremony. Younger women listen to the stories of elder women and surround them with love and respect through song, gifts, and words of affirmation. We are so excited to honor the beauty of crone women!

Why Maidenfire?

Spring is the time of the Maiden, when Mother Earth is reborn as a girl full of new life and energy. Just as a young woman going through her first period awakens to her own power, the Earth Mother experiences a powerful surge of new life and fertility at this time of year. In some Celtic traditions, Maidenfire is celebrated at the end of April with a special fire.



Is Maidenfire a welcoming and safe space for lesbians?

Yes! Maidenfire is founded and run by a lesbian and is focused on honoring womanhood. We especially honor women who love other women.

Can I bring my younger daughter(s)? What about my son?

Women and girls (females) of all ages are welcome (infants to elderly!). Males up to age 3 are welcome. 

Will there be childcare? Will I enjoy the festival if I have young children?

There are activities that are open to all ages, and there are some activities that are adults only, such as the meditations, ceremonies, and certain workshops. We will have kids' activities and a special circle for mothers of young children; we do not provide childcare, however. If you are planning to bring your young daughters (or sons age 3 or younger), we suggest bringing a friend or even your mom so that you can attend some of the circles and workshops on your own. 

What is the cost to attend?

The regular price for women (age 19 and older) is $499. The cost for girls (age 9-18) is $266. The cost for young girls (age 3-8) and 3 year old boys is $45. Babies 2 and under attend for free. (See diagram above for early bird & late to the party pricing!)

What if I can't stay the whole time?

We offer a 2-day pass for women who just want to come for the weekend. This pass is from Friday evening to Sunday evening. The 2-day pass is $249 for women, $117 for maidens, and $33 for girls age 3-8 and 3-year-old boys. Babies 2 and under attend for free. (See diagram above for early bird & late to the party pricing!)

Can I bring pets?

No, this is both a festival rule and a rule for the land.

Will there be electricity at the campsites?

No, but you will have access to phone charging stations nearby.

Will there be showers and toilets?

Outdoor showers are available as well as toilets (flush, composting, and porta potty).

What’s the drinking water situation?

There is well water available about 250 ft from the camping area. You may want to bring a water jug to refill to have water at your campsite.


When is the last day to sign up?


**2025 dates TBA**

Regular pricing ends March 28th but the absolute last day to sign up (with late to the party pricing) is April 4, 2024!


Have other questions?

Reach out at:

Menarche Ceremony
Mother Blessing
Crones Crowning

We can’t wait to see you in April!

Can't make it this year? Join the email list for updates for next year!

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