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Teen Body Literacy Series

A class for girls age 13-18 on the transition to womanhood.

This class focuses on body literacy for teens as they journey through puberty and adolescence.

Young women deserve to know the truth about their bodies.

They need to know that they are not fertile every day of their lives

That their energy levels may change throughout their monthly cycle - and that's okay!

That hormones are really important!

And that messing with them through birth control has serious long-term consequences

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The Teen Body Literacy Series is a 4-week course to help teen girls connect to their bodies and step into their power as women.

Girls learn about:

  • Female anatomy

  • The menstrual cycle

  • Fertility Awareness and the female fertile signs

  • Signs of health & indicators of health issues

  • Simple self care practices

  • And more!


Girls who attend the class gain:

  • Greater confidence from realizing that what they’re going through is normal

  • A deeper sense of self-respect from understanding the awesomeness that is the female body

  • Peace of mind, thanks to their ability to discern healthy versus unhealthy observations and know what to do about them

  • Resources and tips for staying healthy and enjoying the transition to womanhood

This is the wisdom we all should have been offered as young women! Many of us could have saved ourselves years of side effects from hormonal birth control, stress & fear around possible unintended pregnancy, and confusion around reproductive health issues. If only we had known!

We can give that power and peace of mind to the next generation!

2023 Class Schedule

Thursdays from 6-8pm

Classes held at the Beldam Womancare Office


1507 E Sandy Lake Rd. Ste 105

Coppell, TX 75019

2023 Class Schedule


3/23-4/20 (no class 4/13)








11/9-12/7 (no class 11/23)

Click the date(s) to sign up for a class!

Cost to attend: $165 per 4-week series

The transition from girlhood to womanhood can and should be celebrated as a rite of passage!

Teen class schedule
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