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Holistic Contraception Session

Were you told that you could get pregnant literally anytime you had sex? That birth control and IUDs are the only *truly* effective methods of contraception? 

Wrong and wrong!

There is actually a very specific window when you can get pregnant. Fertility Awareness is about learning to identify this fertile window and use that info to prevent (or achieve) pregnancy. In this session you'll learn how to use Fertility Awareness as your primary method of contraception.

Postpartum Charting Session

Now that you've birthed your baby, how do you know when your fertility will return? You know you're not ready for another one right now, but how can you reconnect to your body when everything feels so different from before your birth?

I am here to support you in feeling easy and peaceful about postpartum charting. Whether you are 3 months or a year into your postpartum window, you can prevent pregnancy with ease. 

Teen Body Literacy Session

Is your teen daughter feeling pressure to get on hormonal birth control? Are all her friends on it already? That can be scary when you know the long-term consequences of birth control!

If you're like many awesome moms I know, I bet you've given her a ton of tools to help her respect her body. But maybe you wonder... has she heard me? Are there other resources I can send her for her period pain, acne, and irregular cycles? The answer is yes! 

In this session, your daughter will learn about her hormones, how to have a healthy period, and how to use Fertility Awareness for contraception (if she is interested and mature enough). 

You don't have to go it alone! 

Cycle Check In Session

So you're already practicing Fertility Awareness and you've got several charts under your belt. But when are you *actually* fertile? How can you tell if and when you're ovulating? What can your chart tell you about your estrogen and progesterone levels?

We'll get into all of that and more in the Cycle Check In Session. For the 30-minute session, bring one chart and we'll have plenty of time to dive deep into all the cycle magic. For the 60-minute session, bring at least 3 charts so we can see patterns over time!