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My Thoughts on Roe v. Wade

I know a lot of people are having feelings about the recent court decision and I wanted to voice my view.

I don't think it's a big deal.

Yes, it stinks that women will no longer be able to access clinical abortion in many states.

And also, what an amazing opportunity for us to recognize and reclaim our own power and sovereignty.

To remember the ways our ancestors controlled their fertility (no I don't believe the story that before Planned Parenthood women just always had a million children. Some did, to be sure, but not since the dawn of time).

We have forgotten how to prevent pregnancy using our bodies' signs.

We have forgotten how to bring on our bleeds when we suspect they may not arrive.

We have forgotten how to release pregnancies safely, just as we have forgotten how to call in our babies' spirits.

We must remember these things.

When I say this, I often get the response, "but what about rape? What about teen pregnancy? Not everyone can use Fertility Awareness. Not everyone wants to take that kind of responsibility."

To this I would say, our fertility is a gift. It's sacred. And if we don't want to take responsibility for it, fine. But that decision comes with serious consequences.

Give up the responsibility for your own fertility and you give up control of it too.

If you're worried, here's what I'd recommend:

*Get REALLY confident in using Fertility Awareness for contraception.

*Understand how to work with plants for backup pregnancy prevention.

*Develop relationships with local renegade midwives and other wise women who carry the knowledge of our grandmothers regarding pregnancy release.

*Above all, build community among women. (If you're in North Texas, hit me up and come to our women's circle.)

For the month of July, 2022 I have a special offer to help make Fertility Awareness accessible for every woman who needs it. Check it out! And email me ( if you have questions.



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