About Beldam Womancare

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Welcome to Beldam Womancare!

I'm Laura Prentice. 

I teach Fertility Awareness to sovereign women through Beldam Fertility Awareness and body literacy to girls through my Beldam Girls Program.

I work with women and girls who crave a deep connection with their bodies.

I can help you gain a sense of ease and peace around your fertility, health, and pregnancy choices.

What's a beldam?

A beldam is a wise woman, a witch, a crone.


She is a grand•mother, a beautiful and sage goddess.
Look up the word in the dictionary, though, and you'll find some variation of "old, ugly hag." Why might this be?

Many of us were taught that the wisdom of the female body and the traditional teachings of wise women are invalid, unscientific, and even dangerous.

In reclaiming our wise woman traditions and and celebrating our bodily sovereignty, we step into beldam-hood and reject this narrative.