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About Laura Prentice 

Hi sister!

I'm Laura. I'm so passionate about supporting women to step into their full power. 

I love sharing information and want to help you feel a sense of ease and confidence around your fertility and health choices 

Soooo many women feel like going on hormonal birth control or getting an IUD is their only option.

It's not!

And it shouldn't be yours or your daughter's only option.

Laura Prentice

I work to give women the tools to make educated decisions about their bodies.

Laura Prentice

I started my journey in the world of birth, where I saw way too many women get abused and lied to by the medical system.

At one point I said, no more.

I stepped away from attending births and decided to focus on giving women the tools they needed before birth to make educated decisions about their bodies.

No, you don't have to get an IUD immediately after birth because your doctor or midwife thinks you shouldn't have any more kids and "fertility awareness is the best way to end up pregnant.

No, you don't have to put your teen daughter on birth control because of her heavy periods or hormonal acne.

To dispel myths and provide real alternatives, I created Beldam Fertility Awareness and the Beldam Girls Program.

Beldam Fertility Awareness is my amazing online course to help you successfully prevent pregnancy without hormones.

Learning Fertility Awareness is the best place to start for avoiding or achieving pregnancy and for understanding the underlying causes of irregular cycles.

My Beldam Girls Program is a 6-week in-person course for girls aged 9-18 to understand their bodies and get the basics of Fertility Awareness. 

I'm so honored to be offering this information to girls. I believe it is our birthright as women to know the truth about our bodies, and that starts with girls.

my mission

sharing information

building community

supporting women

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A beldam is a wise woman, a witch, a crone.


She is a grand•mother, a beautiful and sage goddess.
Look up the word in the dictionary, though, and you'll find some variation of "old, ugly hag." Why might this be?

Many of us were taught that the wisdom of the female body and the traditional teachings of wise women are invalid, unscientific, and even dangerous.

In reclaiming our wise woman traditions and and celebrating our bodily sovereignty, we step into beldam-hood and reject this narrative.

What's a beldam?

bel - grand, fine     dam​ - woman, mother

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