You've been lied to.

If you were told you can get pregnant any day of your cycle, you were lied to.


In reality, you can only get pregnant during a small window of your cycle.


Why use birth control every day of your cycle then?

If you are looking for another way,

If you crave a deep connection with your body,

If you want the power to control your reproductive choices,


Beldam Fertility Awareness is for you.​

Beldam Fertility Awareness is a 3 month online group series designed to connect you to a powerful source of wisdom: your menstrual cycle.

You'll learn to 

Identify with certainty when you're fertile and when you're not.

Gauge your hormonal health.

Prevent pregnancy with ease and without hormones.

Beldam Fertility Awareness is led by experienced cycle maven and Fertility Awareness educator Laura Prentice. 

I believe every woman and girl deserves full power and autonomy over her own body. I work to support you in gaining a sense of ease and peace around your fertility, health, and pregnancy choices. 

Join me in deeply connecting with your body in a community of fierce, free women.

What women are saying

"Laura was fantastic! She was very thorough and knowledgeable about the material. Highly recommend!"



"I would recommend this course with Laura at Beldam Womancare 10/10 times to anyone with a uterus!!

Through Laura’s course, I learned that by tracking my cycle I can learn so much about my body and the state of health my body is in just by looking at my cycle and my cervical mucus!


INCREDIBLE. Our bodies are magnificent!


 Laura is great and has a wealth of knowledge she loves to share and has a passion for!"


"I've been experiencing some irregularities with my cycle, and I wanted a kind, sympathetic, knowledgeable woman to talk to, who would give me some ideas and information for self healing.


Laura was all that, and more.


She made me feel very calm remembering that we have so many tried and tested, wise-woman tools at our fingertips - and reminding me to relax and enjoy the process of caring for myself!"


How does the online series work?

We start with 4 weeks of once-weekly live zoom classes.

Then we split into small groups and take a close look at 3 full cycles of charting for each woman in monthly zoom sessions.

Next online series starts March 2021

Cost to join: $300

In this series you will...

  • get support for 3 full cycles of charting from me and a small group of women in your 3 cycle sessions​​

  • identify cycle irregularities and gain support and suggestions for healing

  • develop bonds with other passionate, like-minded women!

  • identify the best time to have sex in order to conceive

  • learn evidenced-based rules for using Fertility Awareness for birth control

  • learn which contraceptive methods pair well with fertility awareness and which are best for you

  • understand what is normal and healthy for your body

Cost to join:

$300 one-time investment

*reap the benefits for life!*

This class is for you if you are interested in...

  • Attaining vibrant health by deeply tuning in to the rhythms of your cycle

  • Stepping into full bodily autonomy

  • Cleansing your body of hormonal contraceptives

  • Trusting yourself fully to prevent or achieve pregnancy

  • Becoming a leader in your community and setting an example for your friends and daughters 

  • Reclaiming a form of ancestral body wisdom

I can't wait to get to know you!

Laura Prentice of Beldam Womancare serves women and girls as a Menstrual Cycle and Fertility Awareness Educator, sharing knowledge, building community, and supporting women in the DFW area and beyond.

To learn more or find a Beldam Womancare event near you, please contact Laura Prentice @ 469-826-7796 or

find us on instagram or facebook @beldamwomancare

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