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Birth Control Does Not Regulate Your Period

Painful periods, irregular cycles, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, acne, moodswings...

The list goes on of the things birth control is prescribed to fix. But does it actually address and resolve the root cause of any of these issues?

Unfortunately, no. The way birth control works is by bypassing the normal hormonal cascade that allows for healthy ovulation, with synthetic hormones creating negative feedback to the brain and ovaries to prevent them from functioning as they should.

Instead of finding and addressing the source of the problem, for instance estrogen dominance in the case of endometriosis, birth control stops the whole cycle from progressing, suppressing symptoms and likely causing more harm down the line.

Don't get me wrong though, I do understand why doctors prescribe it. It's kind of like putting a pause button on the situation in order to figure out what's next.

However, many doctors stop there rather than searching for REAL solutions.

But there are plenty of other options that *actually* address what's going on to cause these issues.

Here's what I'd do instead of getting on the pill (or other hormonal birth control) if I had any of the most common reasons for getting on it:

*Painful periods - Stop using tampons, drink more water, rest for at least one day (listen to your body), cut out polyunsaturated fats, up your magnesium levels

*Irregular cycles - track your cycle with Fertility Awareness to make sure your cycle is actually irregular, get Mayan Abdominal Therapy to support optimal placement of your reproductive organs, eat more animal fats

*Endometriosis - Mayan abdominal therapy, acupuncture and traditional Chinese Medicine, yoni steaming

*Polycystic Ovaries - Nutritional support, regulating blood sugar, Mayan abdominal therapy, acupuncture and traditional Chinese Medicine, yoni steaming, identify whether you're ovulating using Fertility Awareness

*Acne - address gut issues and potential allergies, simplify your body care products (remove endocrine disruptors)

*Mood/Emotional Struggles - eat more animal fats, develop a meditation practice, join or create a women's circle, address hormonal imbalance and identify whether you're ovulating using Fertility Awareness

Birth Control is just a band aid solution that covers up deeper issues. Get to the root of the problem and create lasting reproductive health and fertility instead! (Using one or more of the many suggestions above.)



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