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Splashing Water

It probably seems like just yesterday that your daughter was a tiny toddler, playing with dolls and building sand castles at the beach.

Then you turned your head one afternoon and suddenly her body is developing, her hormones are raging, and you almost wish you could stop time...

Like so many mothers, you probably vowed to be far more open with her than your own mother was with you.


But now that you’re in it, maybe you’re fumbling your words, or missing opportunities to connect, and the days pass by in a flurry of school, work, practice, and family events...


And you feel like you’re missing your chance to give her the information and the initiation that you wish you had had yourself...

Especially because you can *see* that she’s uncomfortable with her changing body and you remember what that’s like. You want to be SURE she has all the support she needs.

The Beldam Girls Program is a dedicated space for teen and preteen girls to support each other and learn together.

Maybe your daughter feels self-conscious about her growing breasts or, on the flip side, about the fact that she’s developing more slowly.


Perhaps she’s nervous about getting her first period, or if she’s already started her period, she dreads its return every month because of heavy bleeding or painful cramps.

You might be concerned about her hormonal acne and considering putting her on hormonal birth control to regulate it.

Did you know that hormonal birth control does not actually heal menstrual cycle problems?

On the contrary, taking hormonal birth control masks the symptoms and can cause more long term harm.

There is something you can do to identify and address the underlying causes of your daughter’s struggles. 


You can support her in having the respectful transition into womanhood that you missed out on. 


Learning to chart her cycle will help your daughter identify irregularities.


Gaining wise-woman resources will help her heal.


And learning in a community of girls guided by a supportive woman will give her the tools to feel at ease in her body.

I created the Beldam Girls Program, to help girls deeply connect with their bodies, understand their cycles, and learn the basics of Fertility Awareness.

Happy Young Girls

Classes are broken into two age groups:

Maidens (age 9-12)

Teens (age 13-18)

In each age group, girls learn

What's normal for their period, cycles, & health

Fertility Awareness Basics

To love and respect their female bodies!

Laura Prentice

The Beldam Girls Program is led by experienced cycle maven and Fertility Awareness educator Laura Prentice. 

I believe every woman and girl deserves full power and autonomy over her own body. I am especially passionate about sharing Fertility Awareness with girls because I believe this knowledge to be truly life-changing! Girls equipped with body literacy can more clearly articulate what they want and are more likely to develop healthy relationships!

Join a community of brilliant girls learning to connect deeply to their bodies!


A class for girls age 9-12 and their mothers or female relatives.

The focus of the class is on puberty, periods & the menstrual cycle, and self care. Girls gain confidence and respect for their bodies and a safe space to ask questions. Mothers get support from other women and the language to support their daughters.

This course is split into two classes, and we teach one per month. Be sure to attend Part 1 before signing up for Part 2.

YWB Event cover.png

Upcoming Mother-Daughter Menstrual Cycle Classes:

in Coppell, Texas

1st Saturdays from 2:00-4:00 pm

$35 per child per class

Starting July 2nd, 2022

How many girls do you know who actually love their bodies?


How many women have healthy female friendships?


The Maiden Circle is a place to help girls learn to listen to and support each other while developing self-care practices.

A sacred space for girls to gather for support and to learn about their inner goddess.

Maiden Circle picture_edited.jpg

Upcoming Maiden Circles:

in Coppell, Texas

1st Saturdays from 10:00 am-12:00 pm

$20 per child per circle

Teen Body Literacy

A class for girls age 13-18 on the transition to womanhood.

This class focuses on body literacy for teens as they journey through puberty and adolescence. Through respectful discussion, activities, and presentations, girls learn about puberty, female anatomy & physiology, including hormones, demystifying periods & the cycle, fertility awareness (as an observational practice, not as their primary form of contraception), and self care.

In order to help teens feel more comfortable sharing, this class is for girls only. Parents are welcome to meet with Laura (the class instructor) beforehand so they feel confident and safe in dropping off their daughters for the series.

Teen With Skateboard


Upcoming Teen Classes:

in Coppell, Texas

Thursdays from 6:00-8:00 pm

$165 per 4-week series


rylee, participant

I feel more educated about the female menstrual cycle. The class tells me about things that I need to know about.

elise, participant

We could all share things that are unshareable with the other gender.

laynie, mother of participant

Laura was great. Very courteous, honored each girls responses and feelings during class and didn’t pressure anyone to answer. This is a great resource for women and girls to walk through this life supporting each other.

Girls who attend the classes gain:


Confidence and assurance that what they’re going through is normal.


A safe place to express their thoughts and feelings.


An understanding of how the menstrual cycle actually works. 

An understanding that their bodies are sacred mirrors of the natural world.


The peace of mind that comes from learning Fertility Awareness and knowing their fertility, pregnancy, and health choices.

The transition from girlhood to womanhood can and should be celebrated as a rite of passage. 


Join us in honoring the girls of our community!

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