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Don't Use Contraception Like a Dude

You're not a man. Why use contraceptives like you are? Men are fertile every day of their adult lives (though decreasingly so with age and health issues), so it would make sense for them to use contraception all the time. If there was a birth control pill for men, it would make sense for them to take it every day! But as a woman, you're only fertile for a short time frame every cycle. While men do experience shifts in sperm counts throughout the day due to fluctuations in testosterone levels, they don't have the kind of monthly cycle that women do. Women can only get pregnant when they have fertile cervical fluid and a viable egg that has been released during ovulation.

Why use contraception all the time if you don't need to? Why take the pill every day when you could just do something to prevent pregnancy for a few days a month when it's actually possible? Once you know when you're fertile, that frees up your not-fertile times for intimacy. But, how do you know when that time is? By practicing Fertility Awareness! Fertility Awareness allows you to become aware of when you're fertile. Logical name, huh? You can learn more here, but overall, Fertility Awareness is about identifying when you are about to ovulate and then confirming that ovulation has indeed occurred and you can't get pregnant anymore.

If you're thinking about making the switch from the pill (or any other form of hormonal contraception), I'd be happy to talk with you! Send me an email or book a free call to learn how you can prevent pregnancy naturally with Fertility Awareness.

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