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If you're like most moms, you want to give your daughter all the things you didn't have at her age. You want her to see her body as normal and beautiful exactly as it is. You want her to have all the tools she needs to make informed decisions. 


Especially given the amount of information available online these days, it's really important for girls to know what's true in terms of their health.


In these 6 virtual sessions with Laura, your daughter will gain a rock-solid understanding of her own body, her hormones, her cycle, and how interventions like hormonal birth control pills or IUDs impact her body. 


She'll learn about Fertility Awareness (either just as a way of getting to know her body or as a means of contraception, depending on age and interest) and get all her questions answered. 


This is a judgement-free zone that is tailored to the needs of teens. 


Each session has a distinct focus (outlined below) but the direction of the calls will depend on each girl's particular questions and interests.



Session 1:

Building trust

How does the cycle work?

The difference between a period and the cycle



Session 2:

Changes throughout the cycle in terms of:




Review anatomy


Session 3

What does a normal & healthy period look like?

How can you take care of yourself throughout your cycle?

Self care practices

Birth control, IUDs, and Fertility Awareness 


Session 4

Fertility Awareness Basics Part 1:

-Cervical fluid 

-Body temperature



Session 5

Fertility Awareness Basics Part 2:

-When am I fertile?

-Review cervical fluid and body temperature

-Review Hormones


Session 6

Fertility Awareness Basics Part 3:

-Review cervical fluid and body temperature


The Female Cycle and Cycles in Nature


Support your daughter in having a respectful relationship with her body!

Teen Body Literacy Package

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