Are you ready to let go of your dependence on pharmaceutical birth control and step into power over your own reproductive choices?


Beldam Fertility Awareness is for you.


Join me (Laura) for a 4-week online group program and learn to prevent pregnancy with ease, pinpoint the best time to have sex to conceive, identify any health issues (like PCOS), and get on the road to healing!


The next session starts Thursday, July 1, 2021.

You'll get:

  • 4 weeks of live classes
  • 3 months of cycle check-ins to review 3 full cycles of charting



A huge part of honoring your cycle is honoring yourself during your moontime. 


Personally, I want to be sure that the products I use make me feel pampered and nourished without messing with my hormones or exposing me to toxins. 


One way to avoid toxins and connect more deeply to my moontime is to use cloth pads. They are soft, beautiful, and reusable - plus I can give my blood back to the earth as fertilizer when I wash them!


For the month of May, when you sign up for Beldam Fertility Awareness you'll get two beautiful, hand-stitched, organic cotton cloth pads from Mikaela of Positively Archetypal as my gift to you! 


Mikaela stitches love into each pad she creates, and you can feel and see that love in her soft pads! I have used them for years and they are the only thing I want touching my yoni during my moontime.


Get two for free just for signing up! (Just select "yes" in the dropdown menu to let me know you want yours!)


Pamper yourself as you learn to connect to your cycle through Fertility Awareness!

Beldam Fertility Awareness Online