Beldam Womancare Girls' Classes

As a women's health education business, Beldam Womancare especially focuses on helping women and girls understand and respect their bodies. The Your Wise Body Class Series for girls and teens promotes body literacy with classes on the menstrual cycle, puberty, and sexuality. 

Each course differs in focus, but all are based on the idea that our bodies possess deep wisdom that we can access when we learn to trust ourselves. 

Mother-Daughter Menstrual Cycle

Ages 9-18 & Women Relatives

What are the parts of the female reproductive system? What happens throughout the menstrual cycle? How can we learn to respect our bodies and the changes they undergo? In this class we seek to answer these questions and more. Mothers share their experiences and daughters learn by listening and participating in activities.

Menstrual Cycle
A mother-daughter class to learn about the phases of the menstrual cycle!

Mammalian Development

Ages 9-12 & 13-18

What makes humans mammals? How can we love our bodies exactly as they are? This class focuses on normalizing bodily changes from the perspective of normal mammalian development. Girls learn about the importance of body hair, sweating, and breast development for health and how to best care for their bodies. 

Mammalian Development
Humans are mammals. What does that mean?

Honoring Your Moon

Ages 9-12 & 13-18

The menstrual cycle is deeply correlated with many natural cycles: the moon, the seasons, and the life cycle overall. In this class, girls learn new ways to honor their bodies at different times of the cycle. Girls work together to create a mandala and leave with self care practices to support themselves.

Honoring Your Moon
Learn rituals for self care and ways to connect to your body's cycles.

Sacred Sexuality

Ages 13-18

In order to develop a healthy sexuality, a solid understanding of the body is vital. To achieve this, the sacred sexuality class thoroughly covers male and female anatomy, the physiology of reproduction, pregnancy prevention, consent, pleasure, STIs, and healthy relationships. All information is given through the lens of respect and bodily autonomy.