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Beldam Women's Circles

update: All in-person circles cancelled until further notice

Beldam Womancare, offered by Laura Prentice, hosts women's circles in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and online. These Beldam Women's Circles focus on pregnancy support, motherhood and postpartum support, and fertility awareness (menstrual cycle charting). Although each circle has a distinct focus, all women are welcome to attend in support. 

Check out Beldam Womancare's Facebook Events to keep up to date!

Village Prenatal Circle

2nd & 4th Tuesdays

9:30a Tea . 10a-12p Circle

A Village Prenatal is a place to  share your dreams and fears in a supportive space where women will encourage you. In the Beldam Womancare Village Prenatal Circle located north of Dallas, TX, we nourish you with food, massage, and song, loving on both you and your baby.

Suggested Donation $10

Call 972-316-9943 or email for location.


Postpartum Mothers Circle

1st & 3rd Tuesdays

9:30a Tea . 10a-12p Circle

Join us in this sacred place to gain support from others on your journey through motherhood. Led by reproductive health educator, Laura Prentice, this Dallas area circle is for new moms with babies 12 months or younger. In the Beldam Womancare Mothers' Circle, the guided topics may include birth stories, healing from birth trauma, navigating life as a new mom, developing healthy boundaries with family, work, and others, and dealing with body and relationship changes.

Suggested Donation $10

Call 972-316-9943 or email for location.


Fertility Awareness Circle

4th Fridays . 7-9p

Urban Family Co-op Dallas

4428 Main St Dallas, TX 75226

Fertility Awareness is a method of charting the menstrual cycle that can be used to avoid pregnancy, successfully conceive, or increase your connection to your body. We gather every 4th Friday to learn together about our bodies' hidden wisdom and gain the confidence that comes from body literacy.

Suggested Donation $10

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FAM Circle
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