What if girls honored their bodies and their cycles as awesome, sacred parts of themselves? That’s the goal of the Teen Body Literacy Class with Beldam Womancare.


In this 6-week group series, teenage girls learn about the menstrual cycle from a respectful and honest perspective. Through discussion and activity-based learning, girls come to respect their cycles and understand how impressive their bodies truly are.



They’ll learn about …

  • Female anatomy inside and out

  • The menstrual cycle, periods, and ovulation

  • What’s healthy and what’s not

  • Fertility Awareness - knowing when you’re fertile


Girls who attend the class gain:


  • Confidence and assurance that what they’re going through is normal.

  • A safe place to express their thoughts, feelings, and questions.

  • An understanding of how the menstrual cycle actually works. 

  • An understanding that their bodies are sacred mirrors of the natural world.

  • The peace of mind that comes from learning Fertility Awareness and knowing their fertility, pregnancy, and health choices.


The transition from girlhood to womanhood can and should be celebrated as a rite of passage!



April 26-May 31

Mondays │ 6-7:30 pm 

Wellmind Coffee (After Hours)

2300 Highland Village Rd, Unit 9

Highland Village, TX 75077


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