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Do you want your daughter to understand the magic of her menstrual cycle?


As an awesome and devoted parent, I bet you’re giving her everything she needs to love her body and be confident. Sometimes though, it can be helpful to have another person reiterate what you've been saying.


Unfortunately, if your mom is telling you something, even if it's true and really important, it just doesn’t always sink in the same way. 


The Teen Cycle Workshop is an opportunity for you to support your daughter’s deep understanding of her cycle without the pressure of having the conversation yourself, especially if, like many teens, she doesn’t want to hear it from you.


In this 2-hour virtual workshop, teen girls will learn about anatomy, the menstrual cycle, and how they are connected to the natural world through their amazing cycles.


Your daughter will start to see the beauty and complexity of her body and engage with other teens going through the same thing. She’ll also get a basic intro to Fertility Awareness and learn the signs that tell her where she is in her cycle. 


May we create the world we want to see for our daughters! 


Ages 13-18 welcome


Saturday, Oct. 18, 2-4pm Central Standard Time

Virtual Workshop, zoom link sent upon registration


**This is a teen-only workshop to encourage open sharing!**

Teen Cycle Workshop

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