Natural Contraception Workshop

Wednesday, July 28 6-8pm

Wellmind Coffee


Were you told that you can get pregnant literally any day of your cycle? Well that's not true! There is actually a very specific window when you can get pregnant. 

Fertility Awareness is about figuring out when you're fertile and using that information to prevent or achieve pregnancy, plus identify any health issues.

In this 2-hour workshop, Laura Prentice, Fertility Awareness Educator with Beldam Womancare, and Belen Lopez of Self-Healing Massage will explain how Fertility Awareness works and how you can avoid (or achieve!) pregnancy naturally. 


No need for side effects from the pill or IUD.


Preventing pregnancy should not cost you your long-term health or fertility.


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Cost to attend: $50


Workshop takes place inside Wellmind Coffee at: 

2300 Highland Village Rd, Bldg 9

Highland Village, TX 75077

Natural Contraception Workshop