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A personalized program to help support you on your journey to connect with your body, normalize your cycle, and prevent pregnancy with ease.



  • 4 one-on-one sessions to support you in...
    • Understanding how the menstrual cycle works
    • Learning to chart your cycle
    • Identifying how cervical mucus, body temperature, and other body signs help you prevent pregnancy
    • Gauging what a healthy cycle looks like
    • Gaining tips for healing and having a regular cycle.



  • You'll also learn...
    • All about hormonal health
    • Whether and when you're ovulating
    • Which days would be safe for unprotected sex
    • When your fertile window opens and closes
    • The best days to time sex for conception
    • What lifestyle factors might help make your cycle even healthier!


I can't wait to work together!

Fertility Awareness Coaching Package

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