Beldam Womancare Postpartum Support


In Beldam Womancare’s postpartum support program we pamper you so that you can enjoy the wonder of being a new mother during the First Forty Days after birth. Whether you are becoming a mom for the first time or having your second, third, or fourth baby, you deserve to be nourished during your postpartum period.

Learn more about the Beldam Womancare First Forty Days Postpartum Plan below or get group support in our Beldam Women's Circles!

Beldam Womancare, offered by Laura Prentice, provides in-home support to women as they embark on the journey of motherhood.

Your only job after birth is to mother your baby. It is everyone else's job to mother you. However, not everyone knows how.

Let Laura Prentice and Beldam Womancare support you in your postpartum period and show your loved ones how to do the same!

Beldam Womancare First Forty Days Postpartum Plan

The First Forty Days after childbirth are a time to rest and honor your amazing body after it has expended an enormous amount of energy to create and birth new life. 

While in the past, women in the community would provide support so that the new mother could focus solely on healing and connecting with her baby, it can be difficult to find that today.


I believe this lack of community support is a major contributing factor to the epidemic of postpartum depression. 


In keeping with the tradition of community support but with an awareness of the needs of new mothers today, I have created the Beldam Womancare First Forty Days Postpartum Plan. The plan combines sacred postpartum practices with your individual preferences for being cared for. 


Each week I offer practices designed to support your optimal healing with options to make you feel physically comfortable, spiritually nourished, and confident as a new mother. Check out the week-by-week outline below of the practices offered in the Beldam Womancare First Forty Days Plan.

Interested in Postpartum Support with Beldam Womancare? Tell us about you! 


Beldam Womancare, offered by Laura Prentice, prioritizes sharing knowledge, building community, and supporting women in the DFW area of North Texas (and beyond) through reproductive health classes and circles for women and girls.

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