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Postpartum Support


Postpartum Support

Your journey doesn't end with birth.

Birth is the beginning.

Birth begins the fourth trimester of pregnancy and mothering, an extremely important time. How you recover from your birth affects your body, mind, spirit, and mother-baby relationship for the rest of your life.

As your postpartum caregiver, I walk with you to ensure that you are surrounded with the loving support necessary to bond with your sweet baby.

Your only job after birth is to mother your baby. It is everyone else's job to mother you.

Postpartum Support may include:

  • Multiple 2 hour visits in which I ensure you have plentiful support to get the rest you need

  • Listening to your birth story

  • Postpartum massage

  • Yoni Steaming for perineal healing

  • Connecting you with other women and resources

  • Meal Train Planning

  • Grocery Shopping

  • Nutritional Support

  • Light Housekeeping

  • Childcare for any other children you may have

  • Wrapping you in love and light!

Postpartum Support

Initial Consultations - $25

1 hour

I do initial consultations prenatally to get to know you and hear your vision for your postpartum experience. These 1-hour sessions can be in person, via phone, or on a zoom video call. My goal is to learn about your individual needs and ensure that I am able to serve you to the best of my ability. 


Want just one or two sessions of postpartum pampering? Pay as you go and purchase a Single Postpartum Support Session.

Single Postpartum Support Session - $125

1 visit, 2 hours long

The first days and weeks after birth can be beautiful, traumatic, exhausting, and exhilarating. To help you process these experiences, I listen to your birth story with wonder and without judgment. I offer support for your breastfeeding journey, connecting you with resources as necessary. For the often-uncomfortable afterbirth contractions, I offer a yummy tea. A new mama massage is also part of the deal! After clenching your muscles for hours or days, what could feel better than a relaxing massage in the comfort of your own home? Finally, it is not your job to tend to household duties during this time. I help make your rest possible by keeping your house clean and peaceful.


Birth Story Processing

Herbal, Dietary, and Positional Breastfeeding Support

Afterbirth Contraction Tea

New Mama Massage


Want continued support for the first 6 weeks of your baby's life? Sign up for the First Forty Days Plan and save $250!

The First Forty Days Plan - $750

8 visits, 2 hours long

(8 Single Postpartum Support Sessions - $1,000)

The First Forty Days after birth have variously been called the period of “confinement,” “lying in” or "la quarantina." Whatever the name, most cultures have this tradition of postpartum rest and pampering. The First Forty Days  Plan upholds the tradition and ritual of honoring postpartum women as the queens they are. Each week I offer practices designed to support your optimal healing at that time. Check out the week-by-week outline below!

Week One

2 visits

In the first week after birth, you are coming down from the high of birth and processing any issues that occurred during the process. As your hormone levels fall, you are likely to experience mood fluctuations: sadness, joy, and a feeling of being completely overwhelmed. Your body is also considered to be in a cold state, as you have lost heat, blood, and energy in the birth process. Physically, your uterus is still contracting down to its normal size and you may experience afterbirth contractions. Your muscles are likely to be sore from the hard work you did to birth your child. 


To support you in this time, I provide emotional support and share information about the normalcy of your postpartum experience. I am here to hear you in your journey, whatever that looks like. If you are ready to talk about your birth experience, I hold space and respectfully listen as you unpack it. 

To help you process your experience, I massage your sore muscles with oil as you lie comfortably next to your baby. To help with afterbirth contractions, I blend yummy herbal teas for you to enjoy. I ensure that your breastfeeding relationship is as successful as possible, making dietary and positional suggestions, as well as referring you to lactation professionals if needed. I also run a beautiful, candlelit herbal bath to completely relax you and heal the tissues of your perineum.

Birth Story Processing

Herbal, Dietary, and Positional Breastfeeding Support

Afterbirth Contraction Tea

New Mama Massage

Nourishing Herbal Bath

Week Two

2 Visits

At this point, you are likely to have stopped bleeding, so a postpartum yoni steam is a good idea to promote healing and circulation of the vaginal tissues and prevent infection. I create a beautifully relaxing, warm environment for you that is nourishing not only physically but also spiritually. You sit comfortably on a steam sauna over warm steam infused with herbs selected specifically for your needs.

After two weeks of sitting in the “breastfeeding slouch” your neck and shoulders will likely be stiff and sore. I offer massage to relax these muscles and make you feel at peace.

Yoni Steam

Herbal Bath


Neck & Shoulder Massage

Week Three

1 Visit

A few weeks after birth, you may be tempted by stir-craziness to take on more tasks. But remember, your only job after birth is to care for your baby. Cooking, cleaning, and taking care of other people’s wants and needs are not your job. I help with light housekeeping at this time and make it possible for you to continue resting. This is also the time when postpartum mood disorders are most likely to occur. I continue to remind you of the normalcy and variety of postpartum experiences and hear your thoughts and feelings. I guide you through a meditation exercise, helping you remain grounded and whole. I connect you with resources and other women in the community who will hold space for you.

Unpacking New Motherhood 

Yoni Steam

Guided Meditation


Week Four

1 visit

To pamper you during this week, I offer a warm and soothing castor oil pack and massage. You lie comfortably next to your baby as I apply castor oil to your abdomen. I then cover you with a towel and heating pad and encourage you to rest and enjoy the comfort. This practice is warming and promotes circulation and further healing to the tissues. As you rest, we discuss any issues that have come up for you. 

Unpacking New Motherhood

Castor Oil Pack

Yoni Steam


Week Five - Six

1 visit

As the first forty days draw to a close, I honor your journey through a special ceremony known as a “Closing of the Bones.” This practice is a way of loving your body and spiritually putting her back together after she has been so opened by the ever-transformative birth process. This is a physical and energetic ceremony that involves ritually wrapping the hips (and body) as a way of closing the birth portal.

Closing of the Bones


New Mama Massage


Postpartum Yoni Steam - $25 per session*

Yoni or vaginal steaming can be enormously beneficial after birth. Some possible benefits include preventing infection, speeding healing of tears and stitches, improving mood, and overall promoting relaxation.

Grocery Shopping - $25 per trip

With a new baby, getting out of the house can feel either wonderful or impossible. I offer this service to allow you to continue to rest and bond with your new baby.

Nourishing Meal Prep - $25 per meal  (plus cost of food)

Postpartum nutrition is as important if not more so than pregnancy nutrition! Your body needs to restore the vital nutrients that went into creating another human being while continuing to nourish that tiny human through breastmilk. I prepare recipes from The First Forty Days Cookbook that are known to support milk production and vitality after birth. 

*Yoni steams included in The First Forty Days Plan