Mother Blessings

Mother blessings, formerly a common way to provide prenatal and postpartum support to women, allow us to nurture pregnant women and prepare them for the rite of birth. Although they do involve "showering" pregnant women with love, a mother blessing is not a baby shower. Baby showers focus only on the baby; clothes and toys are brought for her/him, and all conversation is focused on the new addition to the family.


Mother blessings, on the other hand, focus on the needs of the woman as she becomes a mother (regardless of whether that is for the first, second, or eighth time). At this women-only gathering, we bring nourishing food and enjoy it together, share positive birth stories, listen to and massage the baby inside her mother's womb, massage the expecting mother, sing to her, and remind her of her own strength and inherent ability to birth in power.

If you hire me to organize your mother blessing, I reach out to those you wish to invite and explain what a mother blessing is (and what it is not**). I  coordinate food, location, and other logistics and facilitate a positive and loving environment at the mother blessing itself. I offer henna belly painting to make you look and feel like an incarnation of the Goddess! Book a consultation to see if a mother blessing is right for you!

**One thing we don't do in mother blessings is share traumatic birth stories. Sharing and processing traumatic birth is very important, but mother blessings are not the time or place to do so. Pregnant women need inspiration that they can trust their amazing bodies, not fear-mongering that they cannot.

Cost: $200

Want to schedule a Beldam Womancare Mother Blessing? Call Laura at 972-316-9943

Beldam Womancare, offered by Laura Prentice, prioritizes sharing knowledge, building community, and supporting women in the DFW area of North Texas (and beyond) through reproductive health classes and circles for women and girls.

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