Beldam Womancare Fertility Awareness

Effective birth control and reproductive health should not be mutually exclusive

Hormonal birth control has been associated with a host of side effects, from mood changes and depression to blood clots and infertility. There is another way to prevent pregnancy using nothing but the messages your body sends you every day!

Fertility Awareness Education Program

Join Laura in Beldam Womancare's Fertility Awareness Education Program, a 3-month, one-on-one deep dive into the Fertility Awareness Method!

In these 4 90-minute virtual sessions you will learn about:

  • How to identify the 3 types of cervical mucus

  • Basal body temperature (BBT), thermometers, & whether it works for you

  • Your fertile window & how to avoid or achieve pregnancy

  • Paper & app charting

  • Your chart as a measure of hormonal health

  • Resources and holistic providers who understand fertility awareness and can support you on your health journey!

As you learn to chart your cycle, Laura provides phone and email support for 3 full cycles of charting, answering any questions you may have and providing feedback and suggestions to optimize your health.

What is Fertility Awareness?

The Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) is a way of charting the menstrual cycle that allows a woman to know when she is fertile based on several body signs. The practice involves daily cervical mucus and basal body temperature (BBT) checks to determine where you are in your cycle. 

Who can benefit from this practice?

Because Fertility Awareness allows you to know when you ovulate, it can be used to prevent pregnancy without hormones or to optimize your chances of conceiving.

Even if you are not actively trying to achieve or avoid pregnancy though, you can still use Fertility Awareness as a means of deep connection to your body: checking vital signs through your FAM chart can give you important insights into your hormonal health and natural rhythms.

Is FAM effective for birth control?

According to the 2007 Petra-Frank Hermann study, FAM is 99.4% effective for typical use and 99.6% effective with perfect use for those who understand the method well and follow the rules.

Is FAM difficult?

While Fertility Awareness is not particularly time-consuming (checking your temperature and cervical mucus daily only takes about 5-10 minutes), it does require a commitment to the practice of checking in with your body and a solid understanding of what you're seeing. On your own, it can be difficult to understand some of the signs you're seeing. For this reason, I recommend working with an instructor who can help you see the patterns in your temperature and cervical mucus changes.

Ready to learn more?

Are you ready to start charting but don't know how to begin?

Have you been charting for awhile but want some help interpreting your chart? Want to help your partner understand FAM?

Want to join a circle of women committed to the practice? Schedule a session with Laura or join our FAM Circle.

Beldam Womancare, offered by Laura Prentice, prioritizes sharing knowledge, building community, and supporting women in the DFW area of North Texas (and beyond) through reproductive health classes and circles for women and girls.

To learn more or find a Beldam Womancare event near you, please contact Laura Prentice @ 972-316-9943 or

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