About Beldam Womancare

Beldam Womancare, offered by Laura Prentice, provides reproductive health education to women and girls and group or in-home support to women as they embark on the journey of motherhood. In Beldam Womancare’s postpartum support program we pamper you so that you can enjoy the wonder of being a new mother in your first 40 days after birth. 

Young women (and their moms!) can attend our classes on the menstrual cycle and sexuality, encouraging confidence and body literacy. 

Join an ongoing Beldam Women’s Circle! Laura Prentice leads weekly and monthly circles focused on fertility awareness (menstrual cycle charting), pregnancy, motherhood, and girlhood. In these circles you will gain support to enhance your sense of self, build community, and deepen your connection to your body.

Why 'beldam'?

The word "beldam" has come to mean "old, ugly woman." In its etymology, however, "bel" means grand or fine, and "dam" means woman or mother, making the true meaning of the term "grandmother" or "fine woman."


This misinterpretation is highly representative of the way our culture views women and women's bodies. Our profound hope for Beldam Womancare is that the work helps women (re)gain a deep trust in and reverence for their bodies through sharing resources and information, building community, and supporting each other. 

Beldam Womancare, offered by Laura Prentice, prioritizes sharing knowledge, building community, and supporting women in the DFW area of North Texas (and beyond) through reproductive health classes and circles for women and girls.

To learn more or find a Beldam Womancare event near you, please contact Laura Prentice @ 469-826-7796 or laura.prentice@beldamwomancare.com

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