Beldam Fertility Awareness

Next online series starts March 2021


You can prevent pregnancy without hormones.

You can tune in to the rhythms of your body.

You can heal.

laura prentice

I'm Laura. I'm a cycle educator and I teach Fertility Awareness.

I work with women and girls who crave deep connection with their bodies but feel afraid to make the leap. I help you gain a sense of ease and peace around your fertility, health, and pregnancy choices.


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Do you know the pill is bad but feel like you have no other options?

Do you want to take out your IUD but just don't actually believe it's possible to prevent pregnancy without it?

Maybe you know what Fertility Awareness is and think it's great for other women's just not gonna work for you.

Well, it freaking can.

Preventing pregnancy with Fertility Awareness can *really* be simple.

If you're ready to free yourself from dependence on the medical system and take control of your own reproductive choices,


Beldam Fertility Awareness is for you.

How was health class when you were in high school?

Enlightening? Respectful? Honest?

I'm betting it was neither.

Girls deserve to know the truth about how their bodies work.

They deserve a space where they can feel comfortable expressing their fears, joys, and frustrations.

In the Beldam Girls Program, girls learn about their cycles, Fertility Awareness, and womanhood.

If you want this for your daughter, niece, or granddaughter,


Beldam Girls Program is for you.

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Work with me

Want more personalized support?

Book a 1-on-1 Fertility Awareness Session!

In this 90-minute session you will:

  • Learn evidence-based rules for using FAM for birth control

  • Identify the best time to have sex in order to conceive

  • Identify cycle irregularities and gain support and suggestions for healing

  • Understand what is normal and healthy for your body

my mission

sharing information

building community

supporting women

What's a beldam?

A beldam is a wise woman, a witch, a crone.


She is a grand•mother, a beautiful and sage goddess.
Look up the word in the dictionary, though, and you'll find some variation of "old, ugly hag." Why might this be?

Our socialization under patriarchy has taught us that the wisdom of the female body and the traditional teachings of wise women are invalid, unscientific, and even dangerous.

In reclaiming our wise woman traditions and and celebrating our bodily sovereignty, we step into beldam-hood and reject the patriarchal narrative.

bel - grand, fine     dam​ - woman, mother

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Laura Prentice of Beldam Womancare serves women and girls as a Menstrual Cycle and Fertility Awareness Educator, sharing knowledge, building community, and supporting women in the DFW area and beyond.

To learn more or find a Beldam Womancare event near you, please contact Laura at

find me on instagram or facebook @beldamwomancare

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